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How might we measure company culture and employees’ happiness in an engaging and interactive way?

The Challenge

Employees engagement is critical to a company’s success. In consultancies, people are the most important assets and closely related to sustaining business performance. Thus, measuring culture can lead to greater alignment among employees. Higher employee engagement can result in reduced turnover and enhanced organizational performance. Senior leadership at APCO agree that measuring company culture is tremendously important yet many people in HR believe their organization did a good job measuring it and periodic surveys are the most popular method to measure employee happiness and culture.

The Insight

When quick in-person interviews regarding the effectiveness of surveys were conducted among employees in New York office, only 6 out of 20 junior- and mid-level employees responded that they had read through all questionnaires and believed the result would have impact to the senior leadership. By digging a little deeper with "why" and closely observing how people interact with each other and amenities at work, a solution that might reflect more honest answers, encourage interaction, increase higher employee engagement was developed.

The Solution

The APCO Happiness Index is an employee emotion measuring tool using an interactive wireless smart button (Flic) which accumulates data in real time. By connecting Flic with the IFTTT action for Google Spreadsheet, it adds a row in a spreadsheet with emotion data and time. When clicking/double-clicking/holding, the button automatically counts numbers and numbers are gathered to both the app and the Google drive as an excel form.

All of real-time feedback is captured anonymously and shot back to the senior leadership periodically to give a snapshot of how the office is feeling. When the number of ‘Awful’ is high, mentors and senior leadership actively identify where improvements are needed and improve the environment in an APCO way: “Please serve yourselves to some ice cream in Harlem – in order to cheer up the souls who clicked “awful” on the APCO Happiness button.”

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