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Video Storytelling | VR Storytelling | AR Storytelling

From Awareness to Action by Creating an Emotional Connection through Brand Stories

[BITE] 10-sec Teaser Ads: 2018 Climate Week NYC “Think Copper”

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[MEAL] NYC in Motion

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[SNACK] Make the Impossible Possible

[MEAL] Suntory Highball

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[SNACK] Make the Impossible Possible

[MEAL] Chasho Tea Tasting

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[MEAL] Copper = Innovation

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[SNACK – WIP] Character Animation

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[MEAL] PepsiCo Ops Five Digital Capabilities



Video Storytelling | VR Storytelling | AR Storytelling

We are in early days of the journey to bring immersive VR experiences that were previously only available to a small subset of hardcore enthusiasts to a much wider set of consumers. How do we lower the barrier for those who hesitate to taste the value? Beyond gaming experiences, if we actively use storytelling in VR to target micro moments – such as job training, dance classes, language learning, meeting people with similar interest, connecting with remote members – it would invite more people to the platform and make VR for everyone. Ultimately, VR would help connect people across the globe, allowing people to feel like they are together even if they are miles apart.

On top of that, Oculus Creators Lab’s effort is notable. VR storytelling is being used to bring people around the world closer together, and more importantly, use VR storytelling to promote change by bringing greater awareness and understanding about under-appreciated values and community members. More importantly, in order to further create the successful future of personal and shared reality, bringing human-centered mindset in addition to a thoughtful understanding about the space and the context is becoming more important. Also, with the emerging presence of VR, co-creation, and collaboration across the borders could become the new normal.

It is hard to see what’s ahead if we are stuck in the present. With increasing adoption rate over the next 5 years, VR and AR give storytellers new opportunities to explore beyond limit and status quo. It is also critical for VR storytellers to understand the impact of what we create with immersive media technology as VR brings people where the stories are.


AR Experimentation with Unity 

Video Storytelling | VR Storytelling | AR Storytelling