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How might we design a fluid branding system that is evolving to capture the core message of a coporate initiative?

With the emphasis on HEINEKEN USA’S Brewing A Better World initiative which focused on three main areas i) environmental sustainability, ii) responsible consumption and iii) inclusive and diverse community building, HUSA has been increasing the amount of commercially relevant Brewing A Better World programs throughout the business by launching a new grand program called BREW GOOD with several evolving sub-programs such as BREW GOODERS, BREW GOOD GRANTS and BREW GOOD AWARDS.

Understanding the fluidity of various different components under the BREW GOOD program, a responsive and flexible branding system which can be adapted across all programs was developed to consistently communicate the core identity.

The wordmark has been adjusted from HEINEKEN Core ExtraBold and Bold to reflect pronunciations of BREW GOOD and create rhythmic structure, increasing perception of brand friendliness. Also, the branding system is responsive to appear in various configurations. Along with the Heineken corporate visual identity guidelines, the identity can be implemented across all external communications, including newsletters, brochures, signage and exhibition graphics, and the website.