Juneish POP

How might we bring the environmental and social impact of green consumption by creating an innovative cultural trend of drinking?

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The Challenge

People have been fighting for cleaning the mass number of plastic bottles and seeking for something new everyday. So, Juneish POP wanted to contribute to reducing a part of plastic bottles and cups consumed everyday by bringing a new way of drinking that does not require plastics.

The Insight

There are various alternative solutions in the market from a tumbler to recyclable paper bottles to help reduce plastic bottle consumption. However, carrying water bottle is still part of conventional solutions and requires a system to recycle in the end of product life cycle. Unlike other alternatives in the market, what if we re-design the new way of drinking liquid by providing eco-friendly, transparent edible sphere that pop in your mouth? The new way of drinking will change consumer behaviors so that customers will ultimately get used to say β€œCan I have one ball of Americano and two balls of whole milk?”

The Solution

JuneishPOP is a liquid encapsulated in a transparent edible ball that does not require a plastic bottle. The product uses simple technics such as Spherification and Gelification. It is the process of turning a liquid into caviar-like spheres that pop in your mouth. It is covered by an edible, thin and transparent skin. In addition to its revolutionary shape, branding with unique design and storytelling will act as a key element developing strong brand among customers.

Moreover, JuneishPOP's crystal-clear bubble shop will function as a ground filtration system that removes bacteria and contaminants. More importantly, the portion of revenue will be donated to a non-profit organization, Charity: Water, to improve access to clean water so customers will also have the satisfaction of cooperating with improving poor people's access to safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation.

Ultimately, the product is expected to bring issue among customers and can be a feasible option as an alternative for plastic bottles, by bringing the environmental and social impact of green consumption, reducing the number of plastic consumption.