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From Awareness to Action by Creating an Emotional Connection through Brand Stories


[BITE] 30-sec Teaser: Suntory Water Institute

[BITE] 30-sec Digital Bite: Toki Highball

[BITE] 15-sec Teaser Ads: StrongZero

[BITE] 30-sec Digital Bite: Kakubin Pairing

[BITE] Storytelling with 6-sec bumper ads: Suntory Highball

[BITE] 10-sec Teaser Series: Blue Rose’s Make the Impossible Possible

[BITE] 10-sec Teaser Ads: 2018 Climate Week NYC “Think Copper”


[SNACK] Birth of ROKU series 1/5: The Ingredients

[SNACK] Birth of ROKU Series 2/5: Design Story

[SNACK] Birth of ROKU Series 3/5: Soroku Cocktail

[SNACK] Birth of ROKU Series 4/5: Design Collab

[SNACK] Birth of ROKU Series 5/5: ROKU Gin Tonic

[SNACK] Yatte Minahare Series: A Whisky Evangelist Perspective

[SNACK] Yatte Minahare Series: A Design Perspective

[SNACK] Yatte Minahare Series: Highball Evangelist Perspective

[SNACK] Suntory Who We Are

[SNACK] Design behind Boss Coffee

[MEAL] More than just whisky and soda

[MEAL] The Story of Chasho

[SNACK] Make the Impossible Possible

[MEAL] Production Demonstration

[MEAL] The Premium Malt’s Perfect Pour

[MEAL] Suntory Whisky Tasting

[SNACK] Make the Impossible Possible

[MEAL] Suntory Highball

[MEAL] Chasho Tea Tasting

[MEAL] Tamnara Republic Philosophy

[SNACK] Think Optimistic, Think Copper

[MEAL] Volkswagen I.D. Buzz concept Story

[MEAL] Tamnara Republic Overview

[SNACK] J&J coLaboratory Teaser

[MEAL] NYC in Motion

[SNACK] Tamnara Republic Promotional Video


[MEAL] Let's make EU copyRIGHT for TDM

Reframed the narrative around the EU copyright reform to support European research & Innovation, helping convey technical and complex Text and Data Mining (TDM) and copyright issues into digestible and compelling messages.

[SNACK] Copper Circular Economy

[MEAL] Suntory Sustainable Recycling System

[MEAL] Copper = Innovation

[MEAL] Suntory CSR Efforts

[MEAL] Sustainable Source for Future

[SNACK – WIP] Character Animation

[SNACK] Driven to Innovate

[MEAL] PepsiCo Ops Five Digital Capabilities

[SNACK] Taste You Trust

[MEAL] APCO Tokyo Overview