Wyndham Wall

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Wyndham Worldwide Chairman's Wall Redesign

How might we revitalize neglected and underutilized wall and seating areas?

Wyndham Worldwide 10th Anniversary Visual Identity Development

Wyndham Worldwide 10th Anniversary Visual Identity Development


The Challenge

Wyndham is a hospitality company owns hundreds of hotel and time share businesses. As a Design Strategist in the APCO Wyndham team, full branding support was delivered to revitalize its brand in terms of messages, designs and strategy as well as various range of works from 10th anniversary logo, one-pager, intranet subpage, presentations, videos to a storytelling workshop. As part of APCO’s continuous support in revitalization of the brand, the client asked to redesign its most underutilized wall in its headquarters. The wall design project was to revitalize the Chairman's Award Wall of Honor in its HQ which features its internal competition award winners.

The Insight

The best way to understand and find pain points is to experience, watch people how they interact and understand why they do not want to interact with it. By observing how employees currently use the space and the corridor for a full day, patterns emerged naturally. Base on the understanding about current issues and patterns how employees currently use the space, pain points and design constrains were identified as the following:

Pain points

  • The title did not pop up to attract visitor's eyes
  • Low readability
  • Underutilization of space
  • Difficulty with identifying two different types of winners
  • Design constrains

The frames are fixed

  • Painting on the wall is not allowed
  • The past winners have to be featured in a clearer format
  • The new design has to be consistent with the Wydham branding

The Solution

With deep understanding about the client’s tastes in design and design constraints that the corporation has internally, the iterative design process was implemented. Moreover, in terms of boldness in design, the client would like to take the right amount of boldness in the design. The client was invited to the office for a participatory design process. Though the iterative process, design solutions came to an agreement as the following:

  • New typography and color pop more and give modern look
  • Arrows with big fonts bring higher readability, utilizing all frames and clearly indicating who won which award and four groups of finalists are under the Chairman’s Award for Innovation
  • Having a QR code while removing the list of past honorees gives clear look and feel and higher user interaction; also, the wall does not need to be updated every year which is cost effective.
  • Alternative: Having past honorees on the bottom may not be easily noticeable but it allows visitors sitting on a couch to read them through; also, the list can easily be updated every year with a wall sticker.
  • Helps visitors easily understand there are two types of award winners under the Chairman’s award by organizing two different groups of winners separately.
  • New Chairman’s COM! Award logo helps maintain consistency in design and enables visitors easily understand those are two separate awards.
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