Think & See Copper

Provide an AR storytelling for an interactive and educational experience


The International Copper Association (ICA) is a Global Trade Association that advocates on behalf of the copper industry and its positive benefits to society – the environment, technology, medical innovation, clean water, etc. For the past couple of years, ICA has had a presence at Climate Week, a key moment in time that convenes the most influential voices in NYC to discuss the future of climate. This year, we wanted to show up different and educate event attendees to understand how copper is a key contributor to a more sustainable future for all.


One thing that many aren’t aware of is the fact that copper contributes to some of the world’s most critical infrastructure – wind turbines, solar panels, and PV plants – in addition to the most cutting edge B2B and B2C technology including smartphones, computers and TV. To bring this to life, we worked with a tech company to create an interactive wall structure infused with augmented reality to show people how copper powers the world’s most high-demand applications.


Give Climate Week attendees an interactive, educational experience that highlights copper’s presence in various applications and underlines why copper is relevant to sustainability conversations.

Copper is apparent in almost everything we see and touch, however the majority of people fail to realize this. Set up a pop-up wall on wheels in a prominent location within the event space. Attendees would be encouraged to approach the stand, pick up an iPad and point it at one of three different digital codes, like QR codes. When pointed at a picture frame, for example, the iPad will project an EV driving on a road into a landscape in the frame, and different facts about copper’s relevance to this story will appear.