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Suntory Corporate Storytelling

Bite, Snack, and Meal Approach

Our all-star team’s collaborative efforts in making the familiar inspiring got recognized by PR News Digital Awards: Content Marketing
Suntory is the largest Japanese CPG company and has focused on building a solid foundation in preparation for its entry into the U.S. since 2016. Suntory has a legacy and promise of doing, crafting and sharing good as well as promoting its unique values – Quality & Craftsmanship, Yatte Minahare (Follow Your Nature) and Coexistence. Most importantly, humanity is at the center of everything Suntory does.

Since 2016, APCO has been partnering with Suntory to find a way to establish this community in the U.S. by making Suntory a better-known company from a corporate perspective with a strategy based on strong research and digital insights. APCO identified a core group of targeted audiences who shared their values of always doing, creating and sharing, and built a community around them through a curated storytelling platform.

Through the design and execution of a proactive and reactive brand video programming informed by audience and trend research, APCO leveraged serialized content as the center of the storytelling strategy in order to orchestrate Suntory’s corporate philosophy by driving maximum reach with our targeted audience. A timely storytelling and “bite, snack and meal” approach became critical to developing our stories to be tailored to what we knew our audience cared about.

As an ongoing process, analysis with digital hearing tools for opportunistic engagement around timely topics and conversations through a more flexible engagement strategy to tie content into current conversations, increasing overall reach, impressions and engagement.


Short format videos to tease or echo a key message. Keep everything simple and nimble the idea, narrative and visual language.


Mid-length format videos to convey a key message. Create a snackable series around a bigger message.


Longer-form videos to build comprehensive brand equity. Allow the viewer to explore more beyond the key message.

Suntory Corp Comms Book

A high level summary featuring our global brands, showcasing Suntory’s heritage of quality and craftsmanship, and expressing its commitment to creating harmony with people and nature. The report is designed as a tool to help Suntory communicate its mission and work as a company – both internally and externally. It is not only for consumers and partners, but also for Suntorians across the world to read and gain an even deeper understanding of Suntory Group.

And...An Award-Winning Website

The new website has received high praise from both internal and external stakeholders, who have recognized it as building a solid foundation in preparation for Suntory’s entry into the U.S. market. Moreover, since its successful launch in November 2016, the U.S. microsite has become a main platform for sharing Suntory U.S.’s core values and most recent news, building awareness and engagement with relevant media channels, influencers and online communities. As a defining achievement of this success, Suntory senior leadership in Japan selected the U.S. microsite as the benchmark for the re-design of its global website. More importantly, the Suntory Vietnam microsite – which followed the direction of the U.S. microsite won the W3 Gold Award.

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